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Development of Web3 product discovery platform

  • Smoothie partnered with Crea to build community driven and reliable product discovery platform to supercharge startups and provide visibility for Web3 products
  • Platform is used by founders at; YCombinator, 500 Startups, OnDeck, Techstars and EntrepreneurFirst
Crea has been absolutely incredible to work with, and has been an incredible partner for building our startup. Their engineers are smart and have made meaningful impacts on our startup. They are excellent in managing projects and deliver with both quality and speed. With how they integrate, it really feels like we're one team. I highly recommend them.
Matt Kim
CEO / Founder

END-TO-END PRODUCT development

Development of Cybersecurity SaaS product for tech enterprises

  • Crea is a technology partner of Capy and Lemin for the end-to-end product development of a cybersecurity SaaS product that is 10x better than traditional image based CAPTCHA with 3K+ enterprise users.
  • Lemin Captcha offers simple yet powerful protection from brute-force login attacks, credential stuffing and automated threats.
Partnering with Crea always brings us great inspirations. Always appreciate their quality of deliverables, professionalism and responsiveness to meet our business needs. This level of commitment is remarkable and hard to come by.
Mitsuo Okada
CEO / Founder

END-TO-END PRODUCT development

Development of Web3 brand loyalty platform raised $3M

  • Kalder partnered with Crea to develop Web3 loyalty platform to redefine brand engagement for D2C brands, retailers, luxury experiences, fitness platforms, and FMCG companies.
  • After MVP launch, Kalder raised $3M from top-tier funds, and is on the mission to push the frontier of brand-customer engagement forward.
  • Initial enterprise clients of the platform include but not limited to Godiva, Vogue, Les Benjamins, Podsuite FM and Loveshackfancy.
Crea team is exceptional in execution, communication and delivery. They will go above and beyond to understand your company's needs and build proactively.
Gokce Guven
CEO / Founder

END-TO-END PRODUCT development

Development of pioneer EdTech platform to empower millions of students and hundreds of universities

  • Crea is the technology partner of EdVisorly to empower students and universities to boost transfer success. Crea team collaborates with Edvisorly to revolutionize the transfer experience for millions of students
  • Initial strategic partners of EdVisorly includes reputable organizations including Strada Education Network, ECMC Foundation and JFF which drives change in the American workforce and education systems.
I’ve worked with engineering teams for over 12 years and trust is one of the most important concepts in building a successful organization. Crea has delivered the most trustworthy and capable software team I’ve ever partnered with. Honesty, integrity, technical competence, creativity, and always on time— our partnership has been a true game changer for EdVisorly.
Manny Smith

Ad-hoc Technology Solutions

Page performance improvements for $500 million valued all-in-one RMM and PSA platform

Page speed to increase the scores (LCP, FCP, CLS), improving search engine ranking and promote organic user acquisition

Crea was great to work with both in terms of process as well as results. Our internal and Crea team worked hand in hand achieving and surpassing our initial goals
Yoav Machlin
VP of Marketing

Ad-hoc Technology Solutions

Page performance improvements to support organic growth and user acquisition for $2.56 billion valued late stage technology company

Page speed optimization to increase the scores (LCP, FCP, CLS), improving search engine ranking and promote organic user acquisition


Development of ad intelligence product/feature for sector leading Marketing Intelligence Platform

  • Mobile Action internal engineering team cooperated with Crea team to transform pioneer ad intelligence product idea into reality in line with the vision of Mobile Action’s leadership.
  • Mobile Action ad intelligence product tracks 370K apps and 70M creative, and is used by 225K users in leading enterprises including but not limited to Adobe, Letgo, Careem, Atlassian, eBay, Thumbtack, ZipRecruiter, Voodoo, EA Games, Wix, Rollic and EA games.

End-To-End Product Development

Development of mobile app growth technology infrastructure for leading User Acquisition agency

  • ShyftUp partnered with Crea to develop in-house proprietary app store optimization technology to quantify the impacts of campaigns and provide ROI visibility.
  • Proprietary tool allows ShyftUp to track performance metrics and measure the result of optimizations and A/B tests for leading technology and consumer business companies including Evernote, Alltrails, Square, Caviar, Skillz, Smartsheet, Gorillas…
The technology Crea built for us has been the main driver of growth for our business. After starting to work with Crea, our business has grown exponentially. Crea team is extremely proactive and diligent with their work. They require a minimum amount of time and effort on our end. We just tell them what we need and they take care of the rest. We couldn’t have asked for a better technology partner!
Levent Sapci
Founder / CEO

End-To-End Product Development

Development of a HR analytics tool that helps Fortune 500 companies

  • Retainable partnered with Crea to help Fortune 500 companies including PG&E, Vodafone, Intel, Google reduce employee turnover, increase retention and drive employee advocacy.
  • Retainable software is interoperable and works in harmony with most used ERP systems including Oracle, SAP, Workday, Visier and ADP.