Unique model that delivers with unmatched pace and quality

Crea transforms ideas into reality through technical excellence, quality obsession, hard earned experience and relentless dedication to realize full potential of our partners

Working Norms

We consider each engagement as a function of continuous learning and improvement while keeping our guiding principles intact.

Dedicated Teams Tailored For Our Partners

We put our partners at the epicenter of our business; our engagements are fully tailored to the unique needs and objectives of our partners

Quality intersects with pace and agility

We are proud of our high do/say ratio and timely deliver our promises. We strive to work efficiently and effectively, delivering results that our partners find exceptional

Top-notch talent coupled with seasoned project management

We bring a team of experts coupled with solution oriented mindset and result-driven project management

Unmatched return on investment

Our team is well-versed with the meticulous pursuit of product development. We are on the mission to offer unmatched cost to delivery ratio with an outstanding track-record

Agile Methodology

Our team embraces agile methodology with action bias to show, test, improve and course correct with every sprint

Power of Unity

We do not believe in vendor and 3rd party mindset. Our teams are incentivized with the success of our partners, and fully breathe-in and out the businesses of our partners

Flexibility and Optionality

Plans always change; we do not hold our partners to rigid plans or contracts. We keep our team flexible and scalable to meet the dynamic needs of our partners

Transparency & Over-collaboration

We work elbow to elbow with our partners and provide continuous visibility with full transparency from the beginning


We are on the mission to  bring absolute peace of mind for product and software development - a system designed for “success” to bring pioneer ideas into life.

Managing Partner

Enes Paker

Chief Technology Officer

Enes is a managing partner and founder, leading internal teams as chief technology officer at Crea.

Enes is a technical entrepreneur with 17+ years of software development experience and team leadership accumulated in more than dozens of start-ups and enterprises. Enes is proud of his quality obsession and bullet proof work ethic; and took the stride to unburden founders from the stress and meticulous pursuit of bringing their dream products to life.

Managing Partner

Dogakan Toka

Chief Strategy Officer

Dogakan is a managing partner and co-founder, leading strategy and operations at Crea.

Prior to Crea, Dogakan spent nearly a decade as a management consultant, where he led strategy & analytics projects at Fortune 500 technology and consumer business companies including Apple, Adobe, Walmart, Kohl’s, Google, Nike, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Costco, Target, Activision Blizzard…

During his studies, Dogakan co-founded Haas’ first student-led venture fund - Courtyard Ventures, led Berkeley Entrepreneurs Association as co-president and worked at Skydeck as business strategist to support its global expansion.

Dogakan holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BS in Engineering from Sabanci University.